Our A’s to your Q’s.


We believe the best brands are built from two things: strategy and design. Strategy makes design cohesive and connected. Design makes strategy stand up in the world. But putting them together—that’s when the magic really happens.

We love building brand foundations. This often means creating a brand from scratch or expanding on a growing system. In either case, we craft stories and systems that are scalable—and allow team leads to make brand decisions easily.

We pride ourselves on being industry agnostic, which means we love working on an extremely broad range of possibilities through the lens of brand. We’ve worked on skincare to SaaS companies and love the opportunity to immerse ourselves in new worlds.

We love companies making the future more equitable and/or ecological. That could include but is not limited to the following: conscious fashion, sex + pleasure tech, equitable hospitality, accessibility tech, accessible or democratizing tech, inclusive publishing + entertainment, urban ecologies, conscious food + beverage, carbon neutral or negative innovation, and B-Corporations.

While we pride ourselves on being industry agnostic, Super Keen doesn’t match well with companies or projects in certain categories, like: fossil fuels, tobacco, gambling, or weapons.

We work à la carte—all the way. We’ve found that agencies of record or retainers are wasteful for our clients and not the best use of our skill set. We’d prefer to build deep relationships with client partners and come in for high-impact brand projects.

We’re a small but mighty brand shop, with Lauren and Gabby being the only full-time people. Between the two of us, we manage, lead, strategize, design, and deliver every project.

Great question! This is where our network of creative experts come in. We manage these partnerships, onboarding, and creative direction to make it easy for clients. We’re also happy to make direct intros between clients and experts we love.

We’re also launching Culturae, a platform that connects vetted creative experts we trust with project-based opportunities. This means that we’re constantly expanding our network of incredible experts to collaborate on projects or recommend directly.

We are extremely well versed in project management and use tools like Notion and Slack to make sure communication is streamlined and projects running smoothly. For the Zodiac fans: Lauren is a Virgo-Sun and Gabby is a Virgo-Moon. Need we say more?

We sometimes do work solo or as a duo for like-minded companies and agencies. But this is always dependent on our availability and how much the opportunity aligns with our skill set and values.

We sure do! Both of us are experienced speakers and have presented ideas relating to strategy and sausage dogs alike. You can send us an email to find out our availability.

We sure do! Mostly relating to strategy, design, and branding. You can send us an email to find out our availability.

Quite a lot within our specific areas of expertise—Gabby within the world of branding + design, and Lauren within the world of brand + design strategy.

We’ve been lucky enough to work on a wild variety of brands before founding Super Keen. Some of these include: Ableton, Airbnb, AMEX, ANZ, Apple Music Awards, Artiphon, Bank of America, BioLite, Citibank, Clif Bar, Comcast Accessibility, Conjure, Converse, CVS, Fin, GetYourGuide, Greenvines, IHG, Instagram, Intel, Jetstar, LG, lululemon, Macquarie Bank, Marriott, MUTHA, Netflix, Nissan, Nuro, Oura, Principal, Qantas, Qvin, Red Bull Music Academy, Samsung, Samsung B2B, Samsung Mobile, Sheraton, SmartThings, Smirnoff, Smirnoff Ice, Target, Tempo, The ACO, Tom Ford Beauty, Tonal, UN Women, Women In Innovation, XFINITY, and Zenly.

You can email us directly with a bit of info about your project. We’ll review, ask any questions, and likely set up a quick call to figure out if we’re the right fit for your needs. If yes, we’ll send you a proposal based on what we’ve heard.


We’re both super keen about each other’s work ;) We started the studio to create a different way of working—where strategy + design work hand in hand, and where we get to partner with kind founders on projects we want to see in the world.

We also saw (and have since confirmed) a gap in the market between solopreneurs and larger studios for our favorite types of clients: early-stage founders.

So far, we’ve been lucky to find partners and projects through people within our extended network. That being said, we’re happy to field interesting requests from anywhere!

Not for full-time roles, at least not right now. But we collaborate with others a lot—see below. Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with the latest info.

Not right now. But if you’re looking to see how we do what we do, stay tuned :) We have some exciting stuff coming. Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with the latest info.

Yes, absolutely! We often join forces with other small studios and creatives when we come across a project that could be a good fit for all involved.

Culturae is our first studio venture. It's a vetted network that connects creative experts we respect with project-based opportunities they’re excited about. It's also our humble attempt to expand and diversify our own network of collaborators—and help friends in the field find great people to do projects with.

How many hours have you got?

So much. Check our news section for interviews or podcasts we’ve done—people often ask us to share advice in those spaces! Of course, if you have specific questions we haven’t answered yet, you can email us. We always try our best to respond.

Loads. That’s why we created our 2021 year in review—reflections, challenges, and actual $$ from our first year in business. We also love to talk about starting our studio, so check our news section for more interviews and videos on that.

We did—in Australia and the US. Gabby has a BA in Communication Design, and Lauren has a BA in International Relations plus an MFA in Transdisciplinary Design. But we’ve learned so much outside beyond the classroom. We personally don’t care if someone has gone to university, college, or is completely self-taught. The internet is wild with learning material and most of what we know has been from real industry experience.