Dollar Donation Club: The Spark

What we did

  • Publication Design


  • Printing: Datagraphic
  • 3D: Pedro Veneziano

Client Team

  • Seth Blaustein
  • Bibi Kasrai

DDC was built on one simple idea: what if everyone just gave one dollar? If a billion people gave just $1 a month—that’s a billion dollars that could be used to hyper-focus and fund solutions to global challenges.

In order to realize their vision, DDC needed the spark to ignite the world’s first collective super-philanthropist. We worked closely with DDC team to create a physical manifestation of the problem, solution, and ask: an endowment to directly create the world’s first collective super-philanthropist.

We worked with Long Island-based Datagraphic to bring the premium printed experience to life with a fabric hardcover, gold foiling, and stunning image quality.

A vision for philanthropy you can hold in your hand.

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