What we did

  • Brand Positioning
  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Motion Design
  • Brand Video


  • Motion Design: Alex Barnet

Client Team

  • Jenna Portela
  • Holly Furner
  • Dylan Tolliver

What does ”real-world learning” really look like? Juni asked us to expand their existing brand by showing how students can learn real skills—and create real impact. We sharpened their story, centered it around their superstars (kids), and brought out their vibrant side.

Brand Positioning
Juni had brand positioning, but we helped them come up with a rich creative idea at the center of their system: the idea that learning can make a real mark on the world.

Verbal Identity
We developed a voice that speaks like the smartest kids we know. We also helped them learn what parts of their story to say first and wrote a bunch of copy they could use right away.

Visual Identity
We created meaning around some of the existing elements in Juni’s brand system such as their logo and typeface. The round logo form became a symbol of where learning can come full circle, making it move and spin like a globe to reinforce real-world learning. We brightened and expanded the color palette to reflect the brand’s vibrancy and the audience it’s ultimately in service of. Lastly, we used the art direction to celebrate where real learning happens, with kids and instructors always in the context of real spaces in the home.

Brand Guidelines
We designed and built an online hub for Juni’s brand guidelines. This way, the Juni team can get anyone up to speed on the brand, find everything in one place, and update it easily as the brand continues to evolve.

A brand for learning that makes a real impact.

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