Jacky Winter

What we did

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Nomenclature
  • Website Design
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction
  • Print Design


  • Copy: Cat Wall
  • Website Dev: Formwork
  • Motion Design: Josh Le Good

Client Team

  • Jeremy Wortsman
  • Bianca Bramham
  • Jes Harris
  • Clara Marcus
  • Claire O’Boyle
  • & the whole JW team

Jacky Winter was known for artist representation but has done so much more: software products, puzzles, animation, you name it. They wanted an easier way to explain what they do and why they’re such powerful champions for artists and brands. We helped them define their brand positioning and brand architecture, then redesigned their entire website to better serve artists and brands.

Brand Positioning
Jacky Winter spent 17+ years helping clients think strategically, but they had never done brand strategy on themselves. We worked with the team to define a brand purpose that captured what they do best: give creative ideas and careers a place to soar. We also helped them with a category definition to stand out from a crowded category of other artist agencies.

Brand Architecture + Nomenclature
Even though Jacky Winter is best known for artist representation, they do a whole lot more. We helped them organize their portfolio of offerings in a simple, straightforward brand architecture. We also helped them with nomenclature to keep their names consistent.

Design System + Web Design
The new brand architecture inspired a lot of design decisions, from creating symbols for each of Jacky Winter’s offerings to color coding for easy navigation. We also introduced the idea of a concierge-style menu for the Artist and Companion pages, since these had multiple entry points and audiences of focus.

Most importantly, we focused on how to best bring artists and their individual portfolios to life. We took a big technical leap (with the amazing dev skills from Formwork) to load thousands of images and videos in less than a second. This gave viewers the ability to quickly immerse themselves in the art and gain a fast understanding of an artist’s style. We learned browsing style was a very subjective preference, so we added different views to browse Jacky Winter’s 100+ artists. We added a new feature that lets users star artists/artwork and share curated collections with others without requiring users to set up an account. Lastly, we even included a new shuffle mode to encourage random discovery of artwork in a TikTok-style swiping motion—a really fun way to browse.

We could probably type twenty more paragraphs about this project but if you’re still reading this you’re probably in the minority and we salute you. We genuinely could not have pulled this project off without the incredible team at Jacky Winter. Their trust, collaboration, and ability to push us (and the work) further are what made this project so successful.

A brand site and system fit for a next-gen artist agency.

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